Garage Door Opener Options in 2021

The biggest difference in garage door openers is horsepower and the drive type, which refers to the actual chain, belt, or other mechanism that moves and lifts the door. With so many different types of openers on the market in 2021, you may not be sure where to start. Whether for a home garage or something heftier, your local garage door technician can easily help you determine the type of opener best suited to your needs.

Chain Drive – Most Economical

Chain drive openers are the most popular and durable openers on the market. Consider them the most cost-effective option. These drives use a metal chain on a sprocket to lift and lower doors. They are some of the most affordable options; however, the affordability and strength of a chain drive come at the expense of noise.

Chain drives are ideal for the heaviest garage door types, including oversized doors, one-piece wood doors, and wind-rated or heavily insulated doors.

Many upgraded chain-drive models can come with chain separators to help stop the chain from hitting against the track, which cuts down on the noise of a chain drive.

Belt Drive – Quieter

For quiet operation, consider belt-drive openers. Belt-drive openers use a rubber or rubber-like belt on a cog to open and close doors. Since the opener does not have the loud, banging metal parts, it is one of the quietest options available.

Pay special attention to the current of belt-drive openers. Alternating current belt openers start and stop at full power, which can cause the door to jerk into movement and lead to noise despite the relative quiet of the drive. Direct current belt drives offer soft starts and stops that reduce noise even further, as well as reducing wear and tear.

Wifi-Connected – Easy Convenience

When it comes to how you enter your home, there’s an app for that. An automatic garage door allows you to open the door with a remote control.  A wifi-connected garage door opener takes it a step further and turns your smartphone into the remote control. Download the app, then operate and monitor the garage door directly from your smartphone.

  • Operate the door from anywhere
  • Monitor Use
  • Allow Guests/delivery drivers in
  • Preprogram Operation

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